Introducing Silence Suit

For over a year I’ve been working on a meditation wearable. It measures biometric and environmental input. Its goals is to use the measurements to improve your meditation and use the data to generate artistic visualisations. The wearable is part of a bigger project Hermitage 3.0, a high-tech living environment for 21st century hermits (like […]

device and software

I’m currently developing the device design and the software for breathing_time. I realise now that the form factor of the device must come from the possibilities of the wind sensor. It works best when the breath is guided to the sensor. That way I can detect inhaling and exhaling. I’ve been trying out different sizes […]

Building a heart-rate sensor with Richard

Date: 20-06-08, present: Danielle & Richard van Bemmelen I asked my friend Richard to look at the instability of our current heart rate sensor. Richard is a programmer and engineer so exactly the right man for the job 🙂 It was kind of hard to analyze the current device as everything was soldered together. But […]