Self-transcendence and technology pilot workshop

Self-transcendence toolkit The Transformative Interface Framework (TIF) is a tool for designing self-transcendent experiences (STEs) (fig. 1). It aims to support designers in creating interventions that invite STEs during everyday activities using (tangible) interactive technologies. The framework includes questions to guide thinking and decision making. To make the framework more accessible for students without a […]

Christopher Alexander in practice part 2

From reading to doing After describing how I got introduced to the writings of Christopher Alexander this post tells the story of how I put his theory into practice. I was unfamiliar with his design methods and unsure where to start. I organised a couple of workshops (Fig. 1 & 2) together with Baltan Laboratories […]

EMF orchestra

Yesterday I went to the EMF orchestra workshop organised by Baltan Labs in Eindhoven. ( We built our own EMF antenna, which is actually very easy. Then we set out to scare the city by catching EM fields and immediately turning the waves into sounds through a mobile amplifier. We hunted for frequencies that were […]

Eco maps

Last week I went to PICNIC, a cross-discipline platform for creative conversation and collaboration. They offered a workshop and seminar on visualizing eco data, Ecomap Lab. The seminar was inspiring. All speakers were interested in citizen participation, which isn’t really my starting point but maybe my finish. I always start from what effects me personally […]