Virtual View: developing animation

The past month I’ve been working on my landscape animation. By chance I discovered a great book by Daniel Shiffman called The nature of code. The book explains how to convert natural forces into code. I’m working through the book picking the forces and algorithms that suit my needs. So far the noise function in […]

Non-emissive displays v2

The last couple of weeks I’ve been continuously working on the wiring of the displays. The first challenge was to prevent the naked wires touching the conductive fabric underneath. In the morning I had another brain wave: I should isolate the wires instead of the fabric. After talking to the salesman in my favourite electronics […]


I’m working towards the closure of the demo version. The tailor had finished last week and most of the wiring was done. With all the custom print boards the vest has turned out rather stiff and armour like. Not very comfortable… The boards are a little bigger than expected and the flat cables that connect […]