device and software

I’m currently developing the device design and the software for breathing_time. I realise now that the form factor of the device must come from the possibilities of the wind sensor. It works best when the breath is guided to the sensor. That way I can detect inhaling and exhaling. I’ve been trying out different sizes of cones to fit on my face:

And finally settled for a size in between:

In this prototype I build the sensor into the cone which makes it nice and stable and catches the breath in an optimal way. I also tried a collar type design:

Where the “collar” catches the wind. It works fine and has some advantages but you can’t capture inhaling this way.

I’ve done some work on the software. I take the wind values and the temperature values from the sensor. The temperature values give a good indication of the direction of the breath. The combined data I use now to determine the direction of the animation (depending on in- or exhaling) and the colour. But of course a lot more things are possible.

I’ve constructed a “brush” from various shapes in different sizes. It will be nice to generate “brushes” dynamically, depending on the data. But for now I’m still refining the basic detection and I will continue with the aesthetics when that is stable.

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