Meeting @ Anja’s house

Meeting @ Anja’s house, 21-11-2008 from 12.00-17.00. Present: Anja, Barbara, Danielle. Most of our time we spend on clarifying our concept and writing it down. This is the final result: Goals – Visualize inner states – Create awareness – Promote interaction – Promote well-being – New way of communicating/making contact   Introduction These days people […]

Meeting 18/08/08 @ Danielle’s place, Breda

Present: Anja, Barbara, Danielle. From 14.00 – 21.30 (including meal and meditation) This afternoon we redid the version 3 sensor. We replaced the stiff wires by soft once in different colours. The Velcro was replaced by elastic band to make the sensor fit tighter around Danielle’s tiny fingers. We also sewed the LED and light […]

Sensor v 3

On Friday 25/07/08 Richard and I have worked on the sensor. The makeshift one was too unstable to give reliable results. We used Barbara’s felt prototype as a starting point. It soon became clear that the stiff wires we used didn’t go well with the soft felt. It’s hard to wear the sensor around the […]