device and software

I’m currently developing the device design and the software for breathing_time. I realise now that the form factor of the device must come from the possibilities of the wind sensor. It works best when the breath is guided to the sensor. That way I can detect inhaling and exhaling. I’ve been trying out different sizes […]

discovering breath

I’ve upgraded my code for the stretch sensor graph in Processing. The sensor outputs numbers. When I breath in or out the number gets lower. Detecting breathing activity isn’t as easy as looking for a numbers below 200 for example. Because over the time of wearing the sensor the whole range of numbers starts to […]

stretch sensor visualisation

I’ve upgraded the first circuit with the potentiometers and the results look promising. I used the Processing sketch that comes with the Arduino to make a graphic of my breathing activity. I’ve tagged the different regions in the graph so it’s easy to follow the movement of the breath. Btw the circuit is constructed in […]

Eco maps

Last week I went to PICNIC, a cross-discipline platform for creative conversation and collaboration. They offered a workshop and seminar on visualizing eco data, Ecomap Lab. The seminar was inspiring. All speakers were interested in citizen participation, which isn’t really my starting point but maybe my finish. I always start from what effects me personally […]

Art Pollution Kit

Last night I went to Brussels to watch the performance with the Art Pollution Kit. This is a project by Michal Kindernay and Gívan Belá (Guy van Bellen.) They are making a cheap or DIY kit for measuring different kinds of environmental values. The prototype they showed last night measured temperature, light, humidity and noise. […]