about breathing_time

For the TIK festival documentation I wrote an article about breathing_time: Background and concept Breathing_time was conceived as part of the Time Inventors Kabinet[1] project for which I was an invited artist. The idea behind this project was to use different ecological input for creating new notions of time. Right from the start I had […]

Is it Art?

Last Tuesday evening we had a meeting about our concept and design with AnnaMariaCornelia. While we ate our pizzas and drank our (free) wine we discussed the current state of wearable design. AnnaMariaCornelia was very firm in her conviction that my project isn’t art. I was a little shocked at first because working on this […]

Art Pollution Kit

Last night I went to Brussels to watch the performance with the Art Pollution Kit. This is a project by Michal Kindernay and Gívan Belá (Guy van Bellen.) They are making a cheap or DIY kit for measuring different kinds of environmental values. The prototype they showed last night measured temperature, light, humidity and noise. […]