Virtual View: colour pallet

I’ve written a little program to create a colour pallet for my landscapes. At the moment I’m studying articles on animation. Again they lead me to Japanese and Chinese drawing and block printing. I wasn’t planning to go there but there is such a strong link between my views on nature and eastern religious and philosophical traditions that it is just the most logical and pleasant route to take for me. I’ll dive deeper into this is my next post.

Below you see a scan of a Japanese block printed landscape by Hokusai. I like the colour pallet and I was wondering if I could find and easy way to just use the colours in my animation. After some programming (it’s been a while…) I’ve managed to extract the unique colours from the picture and display them. There are over 114000 colours in this picture! I’ve reproduced the original picture on top. It is so nice to see how just plotting the colours already creates a something that resembles an abstract landscape.


This piece of code enables me to extract all the colours from any digital image and use that as a basis for my computer graphics.

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