Just before the end of our isolation mission we were able to finish the @cocoon installation. Living inside a spaceship is very hectic and inefficient so we didn’t get round to finishing until the very last minute. Due to that I only have one poor picture:

As you can see we integrated the relaxation with working out (and human energy harvesting). So it has become a mind-body piece. But you can’t actually do the two things at the same time, as the paddler makes a lot of noise which overwhelms the subtle nature sounds.

Despite it’s basic nature it still is effective. Once you’re in the cocoon you do enter a different space. The reflected green colour is subtle enough. The nature sounds could have been a little louder but they’re very lifelike and immediately get you into a good mood.

In the morning I installed the piece in a different place. The rest of the crew didn’t find that suitable so we were going to look for a better place elsewhere. Somehow one of the speakers didn’t work any more so we had to fix that also.

I was really keen to get an exercise area. So while considering a new location we got the idea to combine the two and use the barstool to sit on for either relaxation or workout. Angelo and I are very happy with our collaborative work. That’s the power of working together. Together we also figured out what was wrong with the speaker. The plugs didn’t fit exactly (I had loosened them at one point to check something) and the contact was poor. With bits and pieces lying around I managed to get a stable connection. We decided to screw the sphere straight onto the ceiling with gives it a sculptural effect.

I got a message that on Saturday the installation short circuited so it had to be removed. Again proof that extensive testing is paramount.

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