Now the biggest part of building the wearable is done it’s time to work on presentations. Two weeks ago we did a video and photo shoot of all the pieces. I brought my model Hans to make sure I get consistent documentation.
After some discussion we decided to film and take pictures outside. As my piece is made to be worn outside and only has a function outside this made the most sense. Just outside there was an interesting and attractive urban landscape. A mixture of trees and flats. This is exactly the sitting in which the vest shall be worn. So we took the pictures there.
For the video we stuck to a very simple script of Hans stepping outside and interacting with the vest. Demonstrating a way in which it can be used.
As there was some delay it started getting darker and colder at the end of the shoot. This made the displays function less well because I haven’t yet set up the temperature dependant heating times. I haven’t seen any of the results but I think it will give a nice impression of the piece.

I’ve also started building the website. The design for the interactive maps with pollution isn’t ready yet but the rest of the design was. It’s good to see all the information collected in one place. I’ve integrated a nice PHP feed renderer in the website. The five most recent items of this blog will automatically displayed on a webpage. The main colours are black and pink (I never used them before) as you can also see in the logo I designed. logo

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