Meeting 22/07/08 @ Anja’s studio

Meeting at Anja’s studio from 15.30 – 20.15 Present: Anja, Barbara, Danielle.

We met up to discuss the design of the sensor on which Barbara had been working. She’d made a few prototypes with black felt which are very promising. They should be worn around the tip of the finger and can incorporate the parts for sensing as well as for displaying. It seems to be pretty light tight. Barbara is going to investigate further how to connect the ‘ring’ to the shirt. Options are a sort of glove and different types of wire. We’ll look at that next time. Danielle is going to test the prototype and try to integrate the test setup with this prototype. She’ll also be able to test the code more thoroughly. Anja is going to look at working with the RGB LED.

We also exchanged new things we discovered (RFID – link on the right, anti-breast cancer t-shirt etc.) And perhaps we’ll all be joining the wearables workgroup in Den Bosch. Danielle has already signed up for this.

The next meeting is planned for Monday August 18th at 14h in Breda. Besides e-pressing we’ll be doing an introduction in Zen meditation at Danielle’s place and at her zen group later that evening!

ps. Barbara will be very sorry she missed the delicious risotto 😛

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