I’m being challenged at the moment. Yesterday (and a little earlier) I noticed that my heart-rate belt was having problems. So I reckoned it was a good idea to replace the battery. After I’d replaced it the watch couldn’t find the belt anymore. So I couldn’t do any measuring of the heart-rate. So today, as soon as the shop opened (which unluckily was not until 13.00 hours) I went to a Runnersworld shop to see if they could help me. The guy was very patient and tried out all kinds of things in a methodical way. But in the end we had to concluded that the belt was broken. I had to buy a new one. It’s my third belt in seven months! That’s really bad considering the watch and belt cost me 400+ euros… But of course I feared most for my project so I spend another 80 euros on a new belt but at least now the project is running again.

Which, I must say, is becoming a bit of a burden. I moved to another house. It’s so noisy! I woke up from the neighbours walking around at 5 am. Everything they do makes a hell of a noise. It’s almost as if they’re in my house. In the new house there were no plates, no knives and no matches. It’s difficult to cook when there’s no fire… The evening shop was open so I could buy matches and I got the knives and plates from the other houses. But it’s a draggggggggggg… It seems that everything that can go wrong goes wrong.

And I just miss Internet so much. I’m here at a friends studio to post to my blog (by the way the last time I worked on that blog my IP address was blocked by the server so I couldn’t work on any of my sites) and now there is a ‘limited connection’ == no connection. And that’s another of the many things that go wrong with this project. I hope this isn’t a foreboding of the new year because then this year will be hell.

I’ve also discovered I’m not too keen on Amsterdam. Or maybe I just don’t like big cities. I wanted to go for a walk last night but I just couldn’t go anywhere. It’s all bricks and concrete. Or it to scary to walk alone at night. I did go out because for a second I thought I was going crazy. I bought myself a beer on way back.
The new house I’m staying in is designed like a little museum. It has all kind of stuff from the ‘Northeners’. It’s cute and it’s more luxurious then the nature theme house I was earlier but it’s very present. It takes up a lot of space and attention and that’s hard when there’s so much work to do.

Well, that’s about it, hopefully next post will be more cheerful.

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