During the I-machine festival in Oldenburg, Germany I met Laura Beloff, who has lots of experience in working with wearables. As it happens she is heading a research and art project on climate change, in Lapland, Finland. At a later stage they’ll also be developing wearables for measuring pollution. She’s interested in collaborating with me. I’ll be keeping her up to date of my progress and findings and she’ll see if she can provide help if needed later on. She’ll also be informing me of requirements they will be formulating together with the scientists. I can see if I can integrate them in my wearable.

With the wearable they also want to promote Citizen Science which is letting the general public collect data for scientific purposes using for example their mobile phones. So I suppose I could fit in there nicely. She already had some tips for me. I should use a Symbian phone with integrated GPS. For her projects she used a Python script to communicate with a server. She said that Processing wasn’t very good yet in the mobile department. So I have good reason to speed up my purchase of a new phone/PDA 🙂

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