Numuseum is a website by artist Danielle Roberts. It was first set up in 1998. The main purpose of the site was to create a space for saving and displaying everyday miracles in an engaging way. It now contains interactive web-art pieces. The first pieces use mostly hypertext. Later works are done in Flash.
From 2008 the focus of her work shifted from mainly screenbased work to pieces that include reality in a broader sense. She uses sensor technnology to capture the world around her and visualises this data. Often making use of the web and programming.
Numuseum is no longer the main project and some of the pieces aren't updated any longer.

This version of numuseum was created in 2017 and gives access to most of the pieces created between 1998 and 2011, 36 in total. There is also a collection om 122 haikus (in Dutch), which you can access from the archive page.
For more recent projects please visit this page.

You can get in touch with Danielle through the Awareness Lab website.

Thanks for your interest.