test session

I’ve been working like mad for last couple of weeks to get the ‘drawingBreath’ software going. Main issues:

  • working with the sense-os API, more specificly formatting the string to be send to and retrieved from the server
  • getting the custom software to work on the various PCs
  • making the software work for five sensors in stead of one

From the above you can tell that I’m just an artist struggling to program without proper education. But I have learned a lot again especially about JSON in Java and iterations. And was happy I finished my two Java courses, at least now I had a good idea of what I was doing. The software can now do the following:

  • Login to the sense-os platform and get a session id
  • List all the ids of the 5 sensors
  • Read data from the serial port
  • Format (JSON) and send that data with a time stamp
  • Retrieve the data from all 5 sensors
  • Calibrate all 5 sensors
  • Make a drawing for every sensor
  • Make sounds for every sensor
  • The different tasks are all conducted by separate timers

I only want to fine tune the drawing and the speed of the drawing but for the most part it’s finished(!).

I’ve conducted some test sessions with a smaller group but yesterday evening was the first time there was four of us. It went surprisingly well. No problems with the server, it was a bit unreliable lately. And the visual and audio results were promising:

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