Getting deeper

We have some great news: You can participate in a visual demonstration of the Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit the 28th of October on Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. At the moment the project really satisfies me. We still get deeper into many aspects of the Silence Suit as you can read in the following. Reflecting […]


Yesterday we continued working on the database of the Connected Open Greens project. This time with the help of Balthazar, a real programmer. It was a very inspiring and productive day. At Balths’ suggestion we’ll make the database structure much more, generic. You have to be a computer scientist to come up with what he […]

working on Connected Open Greens database

Yesterday Annemie, Jap and myself worked on the Connected Open Greens database which is part of the TIK project. Designing a database is hard and concentrated work. At the moment we’re making an inventory of all the fields in the database, their division into tables and the relationships between them. Of course we couldn’t help […]