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I’ve picked up AQAb again after a long break. The first thing I have to solve is the data communication between the Arduino and the phone. Unfortunately I just can’t get Python to work on my mobile. That is, the Bluetooth functionality keeps giving the error 13, permission denied. I’m just fed up with it. It’s a shame because I’d already advanced quite a bit. But other people on the forum complain of the same error. And apparently Pys60 is as good as dead.

hello world, hello Java ME
hello world, hello Java ME

I’ve been wanting to get into Java for a long time and this is a good excuse. I do have to start from the bottom. But I’ve made my Hello world app so that’s a good start. I think eventually Java will be a much more stable platform to develop in.

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  1. helo bluetooth error cames because your python not signed..

    I have many problems btt i solved it.

    I think you may far away from symbian..

    I belive you using android.

  2. helo yes i saw that page but what is that app.

    Iam now using pys60.i may be last developer for symbian.

    Where can i download your apps

    1. Hi Abilash,
      The app is custom made and works with my set up only. So it will not be of much use to you. I’ve had to pay a lot of money to have it developed so I’m not sharing any code, sorry about that.
      Best, Danielle.

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