OOP item list

I’ve finally started building. I’ve made an inventory of all the properties and methods a list of items should have and now I’m building the background. I’m very new to Object Orientated Programming in Flash. So I’m building and learning at the same time. In the pic you see the main background of (in this […]

item views

I’ve just finished my design for all the items views: links, input, sketches, webart, haiku, pictures and projects. It’s consistent enough but not boring. I think it’s quite serene 🙂 One thing I’ve already found out is that I can load auto generated thumbnails from my delicious link straight into flash, it’s so cute to […]

archive interface

After weeks of struggling I’ve had a breakthrough in the numuseum archive interface. The archive will consist of three parts: The items or subjects The timeline The tags The interface for part 1 is now almost finished. It’s been pretty hard to get a consistancy for all the different types of media. I’m still working […]