Magic Tea v2: Results Usability Test

Introduction Magic Tea (MT) is an interactive art installation with which users can prepare and drink tea (Fig.1). It aims to invite self-transcendent experiences (STE) during this activity. The installation uses tangible connected objects and the users own biometric data to blur the boundaries between the user and the objects used in the installation. The […]

Magic Tea, Technology in Rituals: online presentation and panel discussion

This event on June 14th finalized the residency period of Danielle Roberts at Baltan Laboratories. During the residency Danielle improved and tested the research prototype Magic Tea, an interactive art installation aimed at inviting self-transcendent experiences (STEs) during the act of preparing and drinking tea. The aim of this meetup was to introduce the thinking […]

Slow breathing through entrainment

Magic Tea is an interactive installation aimed to invite transformative experiences during the everyday act of preparing and drinking tea (fig. 1). The first design included several instances of entrainment to promote slow breathing. From previous user tests, it became clear that many participants didn’t notice the entraining stimuli or that the stimuli themselves were […]