Yesterday I continued working on the heart-beat graph. I’ve managed to animate it. The speed of the animations varies with your cursor position. The speed ranges from 1000 milliseconds to 1 millisecond. When the animation goes faster the string of dots seems to be alive, like some snake like creature. Fascinating to watch.

The dots are 15 pixels apart. For my test file with 20 hours of data the heart-beat graph has a width of 107374 pixels! Flash is pretty powerful to caculate this image in less than a second, amazing.

As for the data collection. I’ve slept a night with the belt fastened by broad strips of medical tape. It worked till 7 am, which is an improvement but still not perfect. I’ve posted the question at a user group and hope to get some tips for improving this.

ps. My lowest heart-rate was 34 bpm this night! The lowest I ever measured.

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