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Virtual View is a biofeedback, multi media installation that responds to the heart rate of the user. The heart rate is sensed and analysed by the Heartlive module. A heart coherence training tool developed by the Dutch company Heartlive. The user views animated landscapes and hears nature inspired sounds both generated by the computer. The sound and images change to aid the user to get or maintain heart coherence. These generic graphic and sounds are optimised to relax and fascinate the user and make relaxation subconscious, similar to a walk in a natural environment. The aim is to use artistic sounds and visuals that aren’t necessarily realistic but still have the same relaxing effect as the real experience. The main audience is the chronically ill who frequently visit hospitals. The installation will be placed in hospital wards.

Concept, design, research design
Danielle Roberts

Research and execution experiment 4
Department of Human-Technology Interaction, Technical University Eindhoven. Students: Joep Snijders, Niels den Boer, Daphne Miedema, Yvonne Toczek. Supervision: dr. ir. Femke Beute (PhD).

Research and execution experiment 1 & 2
Avans Hogeschool Students: Simone van den Broek, Carlos Ramos Rodriguez, Denise Hereijgers. Teachers: Marleen Mares, Lowie van Doninck, Inge Logghe.

Business plan
Avans Hogeschool  Students: Daan van Mol, Thijmen Mouws. Teacher: Sandra van Breugel.

Sound design and production
Julien Mier

Advice interaction design
Beer van Geer

Development Virtual View chair
Aloys Bekken

This project is made possible by:
Impulsgelden & BKKC (funding for innovative art projects of the province of Noord-Brabant)
Heartlive (hardware, software and support)
Okazolab (EventIDE software and support)
Amphia hospital (exhibition of the prototype)
Many thanks go to: Sarah Banziger, Hein Lodewijkx, Petra van der Schaaf, Marie Postma.


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